June 22, 1967  Honorary membership to Dr. Louis C. LaMotte, St. Andrews Presbyterian College.
September 24, 1987

Special Recognition awards to Dr. Percival Perry, Wake Forest University, and Dr. John M. Hough,  Catawba College.

September 22, 1998 Service awards to Waltz Maynor, North Carolina Central University, James Edmondson, UNC-Wilmington, and Larry Sale, Gardner-Webb College.
June 16, 1989  Honorary life-time membership to Mr. Stanley Hicks, mountaineer.

Service award to Jim Jackson, Appalachian State University

Emeritus Award to Donald G. Tarvet, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

September 21, 1989 Service award to Harry Swain, Atlantic Christian College.
September 20, 1990  Emeritus award to Dr. Chales W. Orr, North Carolina Central University.
September 19, 1991  Emeritus award to Dr. Charles Kolb, North Carolina State University. 
September 24, 1992  Emeritus award to J. Neil Armstrong, North Carolina A&T State University. 
September 23, 1993  Emeritus awards to Furney Brown, St. Augustine College, and James C. Edmundsen, UNC-Wilmington.

Service Award, John Cudd, North Carolina State University.

September 22, 1994  Emeritus award to James McGee, East Carolina University.
September 26, 1996 Emeritus award to Lu Leake, Wake Forest University.
September 25, 1997

Service awards to Malcolm Loughlin, Western Carolina University, Clinton Parker, Appalachian State University, and Ray Rapp, Mars Hill College.

November 3, 1999

Service award to Jim Murphy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

September 7, 2000 Service award to Ron Smith, North Carolina A&T State University.
September 13, 2001 Service awards to John Young, UNC-Greensboro and Diana Henshaw, East Carolina University  
September 21, 2006 Emeritus award to John F. Cudd, North Carolina State University

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