The membership updated the by-laws and constitution, creating two-year terms for all officers (president-elect in even-numbered years and secretary and treasurer in odd-numbered years) and alternating election years to ensure continuity of leadership.


The membership decided to ensure the meetings rotated west, central, east, central, west, central, east, etc. to ensure accessibility for members.


The annual meeting focused on strategic planning for NCASS and efforts to incorporate more private universities and colleges.


The Drive-in meeting was held in March rather than in the summer.


 A new structure for officers was approved and by-laws and constitution changed accordingly.  Separate offices for secretary and treasurer were created.  There is no at-large member of the Executive Committee which now included president, president elect, secretary, treasurer, and past-president.


A new format and schedule of meetings was introduced.  The annual Drive-In meeting in Chapel Hill was moved from September to June.  The annual conference was moved from June to September.


The association reviewed and updated its constitution and by-laws.


Members agreed to a new geographic rotation for the annual conference meeting on a five-year schedule of west, east, central, west, and east.  The meeting would be held in the central less often than the east and west because the Drive-In is held annually in the central region.


Members gathered information and printed a brochure on Summer School Abroad programs (repeated again in 1992).  At the Fall Drive-In Conference separate afternoon sessions were held for the first time for representatives of public and private institutions.


The members approve official emeritus Awards and Meritorious Service Awards.


The name of the organization is changed again to NCASS, North Carolina Association of Summer Sessions.


The members approved some basic changes in the organization.  ?Associate memberships? were allowed for institutions outside North Carolina.  The Southern Regional vice-president of NAASS is made a member of the Executive Committee.  The name is changed to NCACUSSDD (Deans and Directors).


The members approved and began the annual statistical survey at the end of the summer with reports at the Drive-In Conference.


The summer schools across the State published 10,000 copies of a brochure, with forward by Governor Holshouser, on summer higher education opportunities.  Also, the new public university structure was in place and members first asked General Administration to appoint a representative that can attend the summer school meetings and act as a liaison.


The first annual Fall Drive-In Conference was held in Chapel Hill on September 26.


The members agreed to rotate the annual meeting to three regions of the State.  Also, a fall luncheon was first held on November 5 at the Robert E. Lee Hotel in Winston-Salem.


For the first time, the annual summer meeting was not held on a college campus.  At the meeting in the Harbor Island House in Wrightsville Beach standing committees were first formed for nominations, site selection, and resolutions.  This was also the first conference with a full-day program.


The last fall breakfast meeting was held at the Jack Tar Hotel in Durham.


The group first discussed having a constitution and by-laws and surveyed members on this topic.


The first annual conference was held at St. Andrews College in Laurinburg.


The national organization, NAASS was organized in 1964 in Denver, Colorado.  In April, a planning meeting for the North Carolina Association was held in Eckerds Drug Store on Haywood St. in Asheville.  The first meeting of NCACUSSD, North Carolina Association of College and University Summer Session Deans, was held July 10 in the Methodist Building in Raleigh.  The first Fall get-together breakfast was held November 6 at the Queen Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte.