About us

SignageThe North Carolina Association of Summer Sessions (NCASS) began in 1964, shortly after the formation of the national organization, the North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS).

Originally called NCACUSSD, the North Carolina Association of College and University Summer Session Deans, the state organization was retitled as NCASS in 1985.

NCASS is the only state-wide summer session organization in the U.S. North Carolina is in the Southern Region of NAASS that meets annually in November at locations around the U.S. Many NCASS members also hold membership in NAASS and are active in the Southern Region activities that include a regional conference in spring in conjunction with the Middle States Region.

NCASS serves as a means of sharing information and ideas about educational program development for summer school. Most members find the greatest advantage is getting to know their colleagues from other schools so that when an unusual matter or new idea arrives at their desk, they have persons to phone or email.

Members share what they have learned, either from experience or from attendance at various national meetings. NCASS meets annually in the fall for a day-long conference and also produces an annual statistical report compiling member institution data on tuition, credit hours, enrollment, etc., for each summer. That information is available to other members.

NCASS programs include a speaker and/or sessions with information particularly appropriate to our operations in North Carolina and offer time for interactive discussion. Mostly, NCASS is a forum for talking about challenges, triumphs, and innovations tried.